Our Roots

How We Began

Howard and Nancy Newton started Newton Family Farms in 2005 after Howard retired from his manufacturing business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Howard and Nancy planned on purchasing a farm for their retirement, and located a 120 acre farm just outside Georgetown, Ohio. Howard started small by planting a garden for the family, and decorative grasses he could sell to retail nurseries, wholesalers, and landscapers in the Cincinnati area. He managed the growing on his own, while also developing the infrastructure of the farm. 

In the following years with the help of his son Bill, who had over 30 years of experience in the nursery business, Howard planted a broader assortment of nursery products to make available for commercial sale.  Howard and Bill worked hard planting over the next few years, and the acres filled and the business grew.

After Howard passed in 2011, Nancy and their sons decided to continue running the farm. Howard was most happy after a long day of hard work on the farm.  His family remains grateful for the years he was able to enjoy his farm. Currently sons Bill, Mike, and Chris are managing the Newton Family Farms. They see the continuation and growth of Newton Family Farms as a way to honor their father and mother, and a way to keep their father’s legacy alive. 

Under the guidance of Bill Newton, the Newton Family Farms continues to grow.  New species have been added to the farm, with a 2015 fall planting, 2016 spring planting, and more to follow. Newton Family Farms looks forward to continue serving our loyal and valued customers, with the highest quality products for many years to come.